Sunday, June 16, 2013

2009 -

1/1/09 – M-Spike: 1.2, having severe anxiety began 1 xanax per day – resolves the problem.  Not needed every day. Lost another 5 lbs – down to 220.

2/1/09 – M-Spike: 1.2, begin weening off of Percocet – down to 1 pill per day.  Begin weening off of ambien – down to ½ pill per day.

3/1/09 – M-Spike: .9 – noticeable improvement in sleeping.   Probably sleep good 6 nights per week.  Noticeable improvement in the neuropathy.  Nothing in hands, feet are getting much better.  Maybe this will be healed by summer.

Thinking about playing a little softball this summer.

4/1/09 – M-Spike: 1.14

5/1/09 – M-Spike: 1.7 must go back in 2 weeks for another test, it looks like counts are rising.

6/1/09 – HDA commits to 6 months of work (minimum)

6/1/09 – M-Spike: 1.9  Will start study in July.  Played several weeks of Softball.

7/1/09 – M-Spike: 2.4 (measured by study lab – which tends to run higher than Siteman) Beginning Revlimid (25mg), Dex (20mg), Elotuzumab study

8/1/09 – M-Spike: .9 treatment is working.

8/17/09 – M-Spike: .8

9/1/09 – Working 50+ hours per week at HDA.  Strength is still quite good.  Sleeping pretty well.  Neuropathy gone from hands and much better in feet – pain nearly gone. 

9/1/09 – M-Spike: .7

9/15/09 – M-Spike: .7

9/29/09 – M-Spike: .7

10/13/09 – M-Spike: .7 (as measured by study), .6 (as measured by Siteman)

10/27/09 – M-Spike: .5 (record low for me)

11/10/09 – M-Spike: .4 (record low for me)

11/24/09 – M-Spike: .6

12/29/09 – 6/1/10 – M-Spike: bouncing between .4-.6, IGG: in low 800s (really good)


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