Sunday, June 16, 2013

2008 -

1/1/08 – M-Spike: 1.6 after no Dex for a month, Begin Carfilzomib, strength returning, sleeping somewhat better, face not as swollen, neuropathy may be worse.

3/1/08 – M-Spike: 1.4, begin Zometa again

4/1/08 – M-Spike: 1.5

5/1/08 – began taking norvasc (amlodipine) for elevated blood pressure

6/1/08 – M-Spike: 1.4, regaining strength, began taking neurontin (gabapentin) for neuropathy

7/1/08 – M-Spike: 1.1, lost 12 lbs, feeling much stronger, blood pressure back to normal

8/1/08 – M-Spike: 1.1

9/1/08 – M-Spike: 1.2

10/1/08 – M-spike: 1.4

11/1/08 – M-spike: 1.2

11/1/08 – St. John’s Mercy acquires St. Louis Cancer & Breast.  Lynda while being part-time can get reasonably priced benefits – including health insurance.

11/24/08 – I learn that I will lose my job with Integra

12/1/08 – M-Spike: 1.2, completed Carfilzomib study, TAKING A BREAK FROM CHEMO, restarted amlodipine for blood pressure

12/12/08 – Last day of work with Integra

12/15/08 - Begin consulting with HDA

12/21/08 – M-Spike: 1.2, lost 20 lbs, feeling better and better, still not sleeping consistently.


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