Sunday, June 16, 2013

2006 - The Year of Stress

1/06 – M-Spike 1.1

1/06 – Promoted to VP of GEMS as part of Harris acquisition

1/24/06 – Diverticulitus – 25% of colon removed.  Surgery on 1/24/06.  Back at work full time 2/6/06.  NO COLOSTOMY.  GOD PROVIDED A MIRACLE.  Diverticulitus appeared to be getting better when it suddenly breached the wall of the intestine which force a life or death emergency surgery.  Lynda had just left the hospital to go to work, thinking I would be released soon.  Moments after I learned of the required surgery, Pastor Mike had come to visit me.  For about a week, there was no sign or feeling whatsoever of an on coming bowel movement.  Within a few minutes, the nurses arrived with the gurney to wheel me down to surgery.  Before I got on the gurney, I asked Pastor Mike to pray for me and to pray specifically that I would not have to have a colostomy (the doctor said that I would have one and that it was already a foregone conclusion).  Pastor Mike prayed a short prayer and I began to get on the gurney when I suddenly needed to have a bowel movement.  As soon as I finished with the first, I had to have a 2nd.  This was a miracle.  Well I went down to surgery and asked the surgeon to be open minded about the colostomy and only do it if necessary.  He kind of smirked and told me to expect to have one.  When I came out of surgery, I learned there was no colostomy.  The next day when I saw the surgeon, I asked him what happened.  Why didn't I have a colostomy?  He said that I had the cleanest colon he had ever seen and therefore there was no need.  A miracle!!

2/06 – M-Spike 0.9 (in spite of surgery and being off of dex for 2 weeks.)

3/06 – Reduce Dex to 20mg

4/06 – M-Spike 1.0

5/06 – M-Spike 1.1

6/06 – M-Spike 1.5 – looks like lower Dex is not enough

6/06 – Raised dex to 40mg

6/30/06 – M-Spike down to 1.1 after 3 weeks of 2 doses of Dex at 40mg

7/28/06 – M-Spike is:  1.3 after another 4 weeks of Dex at 40mg

8/17/06 – Received word from God while at the Axis meeting that I’m about to come into a new era of my life and that I need to continue to trust and believe in him. I was about to speak on giving my whole life to God without fear.  I have been feeling for weeks that I need to get more involved again in my boys lives and again at church.  But didn’t have the energy and was frequently sick.  Now I get this word that something is about to change.  I have great anticipation about what is about to happen physically in me.  God, I’m now beginning to trust you for my COMPLETE healing – I want to hear the doctor use the words “COMPLETE REMISSION AND I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT”.  I will explain it to him quite clearly.  I will shout it from the mountain tops!  God, am I a modern day Job?  One who you could trust with difficult trials and now you will restore me?  I pray that this is your plan – to restore my health, my wealth, and rebuild old relationships and continue to enhance newer relationships.  PRAISE GOD!!!

8/31/06 – M-Spike: 1.3

9/30/06 – M-Spike: 1.3

10/15/06 – developed very painful periarectal absess.  Treated with anti-biotics, it eventually split open and healed.

11/3/06 – M-Spike: 1.2

12/1/06 – Begin Denosumab study – replaces Zometa

Must take time off from work from 12/5 – 12/31 – huge anxiety and depression.

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