Monday, June 10, 2013

2003 - December 24 The Day After

The next day is a day of tests.  They do a a full skeletal survey to identify what bone damage the MM has inflicted.  Additionally, I have my 1st Bone Marrow Biopsy (BMB).  This is the most intense pain I've ever experienced.  Fortunately, the intense pain lasts for only about 5 seconds.  The rest of the procedure is quite uncomfortable but tolerable.

The skeletal survey revealed some minor damage.  A few spots exist on my skull, arms, legs and ribs.  But the primary damage was in two areas:
  1. my back - I have 3 compression fractures in my vertebrae
  2.  my hip - this weakness is what caused the severe back pain that sent me to the doctor
In addition to the tests, I receive my 1st dose of Zometa which is a drug that hardens the bones.

Late in the afternoon, the Doctor releases me to spend Christmas at home.  As I'm dressing and preparing to go home, I realize that all of the back pain is completely gone.  The doctor loaded me up with various strength pain killers, because he said I would need them.  However, the pain was totally and completely gone.  This was the 1st miracle that God performed through all of this.

We got home just in time to change clothes and head to church for Christmas Eve service.  What a tremendous reception I received from all of our friends at church.  Everyone had heard the news and had been praying and nobody expected to see me at church.  But much to everyone's surprise, God allowed me to come to church and worship on the eve of His birth.

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