Sunday, June 16, 2013

2004 - Pre Stem Cell Transplant

1/1/04 - I've decided that I'm strong physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. If anyone can overcome cancer, It's me. I've decided I will beat this diagnoses. 

1/5/04 – Begin DVD (Doxil, Vinchristine, Dexamethasone) chemo treatment, 1 treatment per month

1/9/04 – Right knee has become so swollen I can no longer walk.  See doctor and a strep infection is found.

1/10/04 – Infection is serious, I’m admitted to hospital

1/13/04 – Infection is not improving significantly – arthroscopic surgery is performed to clean infection out.

1/13/04 – God shows me through this experience that He is the only one that can heal me – that I can’t overcome cancer on my own.

1/16/04 – drains removed from knee. Doctor had to pull twice to get them out and it was super super painful. Released from hospital with Pick line to continue intervenous antibiotics for 4 more weeks.

2/2/04 – I go back to work and work partial days for a while.

2/04 – Get 2nd DVD dose

3/04 – Get 3rd DVD dose

3/04 – New Product ideas given to me by God for GEMS (Gemstone Dashboard)

4/04 – Begin Velcade trial study for 42 days.  Two doses per week for 2 weeks, then off 1 week, repeat. M-SPIKE: 2.3

6/01/04 – Bone marrow biopsy – normal, no plasma cells

6/03/04 – Begin Growth Factor shots (Neupogen) for 4 days  M-SPIKE: 2.2

6/07/04 – Stem Cell collection (pheresis).  Expect to return 6/8 to collect more.  Needed 2.5M cells, collected 4.65M.

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