Sunday, June 16, 2013

2004 - Stem Cell Transplant

6/17/04 – Admitted to hospital to begin Autologous Stem Cell Transplant procedure (SCT).  Receive 1st of 2 doses of Melphalan.

6/18/04 – 2nd dose of Melphalan

6/21/04 – SCT

6/27/04 - White counts hit bottom.  Begin Neupogen daily

6/28/04 – Sick with high fever, receive platelets, hairloss begins.

6/29/04 – Sick with high Fever

6/30/04 – Sick with high fever, receive platelets and hemoglobin.  Fever breaks and appetite returns at 5:00pm.  Hair is gone.

7/1/04 – White counts start in the positive direction.  ANC = 80.  Doctor says to expect to go home on 7/5/04

7/2/04 – ANC = 1180.  Doctor says I can go home since my ANC was above 500

Note: Unknown to me. Steve Shelby began a 24x7 prayer vigil that began on 6/17 when I entered the hospital and it was scheduled to end 7/2 which turned out to be the day I was released to go home.  This was not a coincidence.  God new what day I would be released and that 24x7 prayer would not be needed after I was released to go home.  Another miracle.

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