Friday, May 23, 2014

2014 -

H1/7/14 M-spike .4
1/14. Contemplating LTD due to ineffectiveness at work. 
1/21/14 m-spike .3

2/4/14 Zometa. M-spike 0.4

2/18/14 My m-spike is 0.4 again.  that’s 4 times in a row over 2 months that it has been either 0.3 or 0.4.  Doctor says that we should just continue to watch and be optimistic, but at same time they indicated that the treatment may be coming to an end.  If it goes to 0.5 for a few in a row, then according to the study, they boot me off.  Nothing to worry about, I may be on this for quite a while yet.  Also, I have to be very thankful that I’ve been on this almost 5 years, which is unheard of.  Also, there are lots of new study’s available along with FDA approved treatments that I haven’t tried yet.

Spoke again to nurse about LTD. They will support me. It's really a decision between me and my insurance company. 

3/4/14 - M-spike .4
3/18/14 - M-spike .4
4/1/14 - M-spike .4
4/15/14 - M-spike .5
4/29/14 - M-spike .4, Zometa, anti-biotic for pilonital cyst
5/13/14 - M-spike .4
5/27/14 M-spike .4
6/10 /14 M-spike .3
7/7/14 - cycle 66
7/21/14 - Zometa
8/12/14 - M-spike .4, ultrasound test on legs to check for clots because of swelling. No new clots found. 
8/26/14 - M-spike .5
9/9/14 - M-spike .5, must leave study. New study will be SAR650984 (similar to daratumumab) after washout  period. M-spike must be >=1.0. No chemo beginning 9/9/14
10/7/14 - M-spike .9 Feeling better, sleeping better, feet not any better. Swelling in feet/ankles may be improving. 
Laparoscopic hernia repair scheduled for 11/5. Began taking water pills and potassium to reduce swelling in ankles 
10/20/14 - began wearing compression socks. This works wonders to reduce swelling in ankles 
11/4/14 - Zometa. Not taking Xanax at night. Down to 3-4 Percocet daily. M-Spike: .9
11/5/14 - laparoscopic hernia surgery. Expected 4 holes to do repair. Required 14 holes. Back to work 11/11/14
12/2/14 - M-Spike: 1.1 Eligible for another study

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